Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Xmas plans

So hopefully I will log some time with the old paintbrush. The question is what am I going to be doing?

1) the Celt army in previous posts needs a good shove along the road.
2) Zvezda cuirassiers - I waited so long for them. Some of the horses are done - just need to get on and do a few more.
3) Various boats.
Okay that's a good few bits to think on.

I am also planning a new Sassanian army. For WAB, it will be an early Sassanid, not a 'beardy' roadroller 7thC army.
2 or 3 units of cataphracts
1 unit of clibanarii
2 units of light persian cavalry
1 unit of Parthian lights - with persian influe nces to their dress.
HOOOOOGE unit of levy infantry
2 units of bowmen
Skirmishers to suit.

On and 2 elephants.

All figures will be Hat,based on their Sassanians due out next year.

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