Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Workshop from the workshop.

MiniArt's Workshop building nearly completed - still lacking some details. And a base. The prototype. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket And this one shows the internal construction. Photobucket All in all I still think they have a lot of possibilities but I do think they're hard work for what they are and I'm not sure I'd really want to have a go at some of the more complicated models - like the administration block.

Friday, 20 April 2012

More Vikings

So to complete the vikings

The levy Archers Photobucket Photobucket

And finally the whole small - and so far not very successful - army. Photobucket

Back row: Left to right
Unit of 8 warriors, second unit of 8 warriors, (very back) unit of 4 Hearthguard, and 12 levy archers.
Front row: l - r
4 berserkers/ulfhednar, Warlord with 4 hearthguard.

Under the Saga rules each unit as described above costs one point - the Warlord is free - so this is a 6pt army.

Thursday, 19 April 2012


Something different - while waiting for some parts for the M10s I was taken by reports about the game Saga - by Studio Tmahawk and sold in the UK by Gripping Beast. Now there are some lovely 28mm figures that can be used with this - wityh the added benefit of Little Big Men transfers, but 28mm is not how I work. Here we go then some Zvezda Vikes. Aegil Aegilsson, Warlord - and, I have to say, after two games and two defeats, not one of Scandinavia's better vikings Photobucket

His Hearthguard Photobucket And associated nutty friends Photobucket Wolfskins added to the basic Zvezda berserkers to make upfhednar. Photobucket Some units of warriors Photobucket Photobucket

Thursday, 19 January 2012

11th Armoured Division 3

Well, not exactly 11th Armd - as this is a "Funnies" vehicle.

Difficult vehicle to put together. A pig in fact. In fact this was a second attempt, as the original was a present off a friend, I made such a bodge of it I had to buy another to redo it all. However that has left me in the nice position of a second set of the bridging gear. I'm thinking I might just put that onto an Airfix Cromwell to see what that might look like.

Anyway the Airfix Churchill with Jumbo Bridge. I left the tracks off as I wanted to take the vehicle to our club and show my friends I haven't just been doing nothing for the last few weeks. I'll add them after the vehicle is finished



Like the other vehicles I've shown recently these are very much works in progress, they still have to be marked up and weathered.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

11th Armoured Division 2

A couple more photos - 75th Field Regiment Royal Artillery.
Hat Achilles - though very bare at the moment - I think I've sourced some add-on kits to improve the interiors and add some stowage.



And some Daimler Mk II armoured cars, these are by Hasegawa.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

11th Armoured Division

My engagement with the British 11th Armoutred Div goes back 40 odd years to when I was given the book [i]Taurus Pursuivant [/i]. Since - as far as I was concerned there has only been one British formation of interest to me - the 11th.

It's my humble opinion that while getting less of the glamour of the Guards or the 7th Armoured, the Black Bull got on and did the job and maybe if they had been allowed to do it their way in the first place Pip Roberts and the division may have avoided some of the mess that ensued from the fighting round Caen.

Over the years I've done two collections based around it for wargaming and this will be the third. But with so much nice stuff coming on the market recently and in the pipeline I'm hoping it will be the best. It is being designed to go with the new [i]Kamfgruppe Normandy[/i] rules.

First up Northants Yeomanry Cromwells.
My usual painting style is a base coat of Flames of War British Armour green, followed by either an all-over wash of Games Workshop's Badab Black, or the same applied in a pin wash. Once that has thoroughly dried I dry brush the whole vehicle with GW Catachan Green. This is then followed by a 50/50(ish) mix of either Catachan Green/Bleached Bone, or Catachan Green/Vallejo buff, lightly dry brished across the vehicle to bring up the colour and pick up some of the highlights.
Tracks are GW Bolt Gun metal. And stowage applied - sparingly - I don't want too much falling off.
Next I will apply some decals and then the vehicles will be cammed up with fine gauze nets and eventually weathered/dusted/clarted up with mud etc.

These four Cromwells are by Armourfast and they're 1/72nd scale - I am trying where I can to keep to 1/72nd.


There's another troop of Cromwells, a HQ vehicle and a couple of Challengers to come.